Monday, March 12, 2007

This daylight savings thing isn't so bad, I don't too much care for it staying light later in the day, but I can definitely dig it being dark when I wake up now. It makes me feel like sleeping later is a viable option. Last week it was starting to get light while I was still in bed, and since I am not one of the nocturnal people, I need plenty o'darkness at night to sleep.

I had a damn good time at the show, despite the fact that I was clearly one of the few people who rolled solo. I was a little self-conscious about it while I was walking around before the show; however, once I sat in my seat I was just fine..the mini-glass of wine helped things along as well. Here is a quick, one-armed man's guide to the concert:

Lupe Fiasco: He's still rather inexperienced as a performer, and he needed to pull his pants up the whole time. And considering his biggest song is "Kick,Push", he should have brought the house down by performing that song last, and not third. Still, the music was good, and he had lots of energy, so it wasn't too bad. His hype man clearly thought the crowd should have been more excited than they me that just meant he wasn't doing his damn job.

Chuck Brown: As my brother so eloquently said earlier in the day, I probably cannot properly appreciate go-go, and specifically Chuck Brown. He didn't do Bustin' Loose, but he did all his other hits. He had a full band(no hype man), and clearly he is a seasoned performer. You could definitely tell that the crowd(not me) knew all the words, breakdowns, etc..I just appreciated the good music.

The Roots: From the moment they made their high school band type entrance through the crowd, to their show-ending introductions done Soul Train line style, The Roots put on a damn good show. I didn't sit down once during their 75-90 minute set. They played their hits, songs from the new cd, they covered an anti-war Bob Dylan song, they had a brass section that played some James Brown type funk, and they threw in a little rock for good measure. I've been watching them perform for almost 10 years, and they keep getting better. I would have liked to hear Black Thought freestyle, but that's me nitpicking. Overall, I give the while night a B-.

I made the ill-advised decision to hit the concert afterparty. I had so much energy leaving the show, but once I got to the venue my energy quickly dwindled, and my 32 year oldness came shining through. I stayed about 30 minutes, and I rolled out. I did see someone I used to talk to in there, but clearly neither one of us felt it necessary to speak. I also noticed that the main bartender had an insane amount of cleavage out..I guess in an effort to get tips. I wasn't fooled. I now realize that I can't do too much hanging after midnight.

The rest of my weekend was uneventful..I bought some records, a Mike Tyson book, and I watched the movie Frida (a surprisingly good acting job by Salma Hayek), and I watched an insane amount of college and pro basketball.

Welcome to March Madness..oh yeah, join my pool. Go here, and scroll down for details on how to join.

One More Night - Phil Collins


hadassah444 said...

It takes me a least a week to get use to the daylight saving time...
Unlike you, I prefer to wake to the sun shining thru my window....

When I would go out and see people by themselves, I would stare at them... I've always admire people who were able to go out solo

LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

Now you are linking Phil Collins? What's worse than smooth jazz? Songs like that.

I just started listening to Lupe and I know I'm hella late but it's a very good album. Very few hip hop solo acts know how to perform. So I stopped going to any hip hop show where I don't have an assigned seat. I'm not going to stand just to bob my head. My 65 year old knees said so.

Jo said...

You mean Mike is selling books now? He MUST be broke.

By the sound of it, you should have given the show an A-, not a B-. Man I swear, you sure are hard to please.

Glad you had a good time though . . . in spite of the handicap!

RedHotMama said...

frida is a really good movie.
yeah, yeah, her boobs, but the artistic direction was really top notch.

i don't know if you have the patience to sit through it, but since it stars your girl scarlett, i'd also recommend _the girl with the pearl earring_. it drags in some spots and the soulful silences and stares can push away those with short attention spans, but it's a favorite of mine.

another literary-movie i'd recommend is _cat on a hot tin roof_ starring elizabeth taylor and paul newman, based on tennessee williams' disturbed brilliance. you might've already seen it?? i just bought a dvd version from target. i LOVE this movie. it's in my top ten of all time. of course, because of the censors at the time, most of the (latent) homosexuality at the heart of much of the tension is downplayed but still manages to make itself known. and there are so many wonderful quotes!