Sunday, April 29, 2007

I didn't quite cry, but I was very sad to see the Miami Heat lose their series today . I can't say I'm necessarily a Miami Heat fan, but I've always been a Shaquille O'Neal fan since '92. I hated to see his season, and possibly his career be ended that way. I don't feel quite as bad for Dwyane Wade. He's very young and he will have the opportunity to win many more playoff series in the future. But Shaq is in the twilight of his fantastic career, and I'm quite sure he has to be wondering if it is worth it to continue. Is it worth it to basically come back as a role player..we shall see. It is funny to me how in basketball years Shaq is considered old at 35, but in "real" life that is extremely young. Shaq's net worth is rumored to be almost $250 million, so he definitely won't have to work if he doesn't want to, so it will be interesting to see what he does..assuming he retires of course.

I forgot to mention an uncomfortable event I witnessed on the train on Thursday afternoon. It was crowded as it always is, but on this particular evening, I was standing on the train next to a young woman. I think she was around 18 years old, she had on a plaid school girl skirt, no stockings, and a top that had her navel and cleavage exposed. She was a pretty girl, but clearly she was young, and I could tell this by the way she was standing. There were about 5 men all around this woman, and I just happened to be standing next to her. I did notice her, and then i went back to my magazine(not Playboy). Occasionally, I would look up and I noticed all of these men just staring..not even trying to mask the fact that they were intrigued. I can only imagine the type of nasty, perverted thoughts that were possibly going through their heads. But I know the fantasy of being with a 16-17 year old girl is frequent with men. I read about it magazines, I see it in adult movies, and sometimes I hear folks talking about it(not R Kelly though). I have a flight attendant fantasy, a 3 some fantasy, a teacher fantasy, and even a WNBA fantasy(one day i'll embellish on that), but I aint NEVER thought of being with a 16 year old in my adult life. I've dealt with two virgins in my life, and even that had me a bit squeamish..only a bit, I still did the do...but again, never have I wanted someone under aged. I'll admit it is sometimes hard to recognize a young girl, but not impossible.

All that being said, I'd like to have some sex now..

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Jo said...

And to find out you aren't that perverted after all. Awwww RM, I am soooo proud of you!