Monday, May 28, 2007

For one night, Lebron James became a man last night in basketball terms. He didn't bite his nails incessantly, he didn't settle for mid range jumpers in the lane, and he didn't run around like Rasheed Wallace flailing his arms around when he didn't get a call. He played with distinct purpose last night, and it showed in his every move. He had what I like to call, an MJ game. He set the tone on both ends of the floor, he encouraged his teammates by getting them decent open looks, and at one point, he even borrowed MJ's baseline move. But to quote the great Harvey Keitel in the movie Pulp Fiction, "let's not start sucking each other's d*cks just yet". Lebron did this for ONE game, and he can ask Kevin Garnett, Tracy McGrady and Dominique Wilkins just to name a few, how it feels to have one or two big games in a series, only to go home a loser in the end. What Lebron proved last night is that he's a big time player who can come thru for his team when their collective backs are against the proverbial wall. But what will take Lebron to the elite stratosphere that MJ, Larry, Magic and even Tim Duncan have lived in, is if he does this from now until he lifts the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy. Lebron used to have this Nike commercial in which the narrator said that when it comes to Lebron James' greatness, We Are All Witnesses, so I think its high time for Lebron to consistently give us something to witness.

Except for 10 minute trip to get my mail from my old apt, I really didn't leave my house yesterday. I stayed in and looked for new jobs, looked for apts, slept, watched baseball games, watched basketball, played on the internets, talked on the phone, and mostly just thought about what has happened the past week, and what will happen in the coming weeks as well. It was one of those days that I have been avoiding like the plague since I was displaced. I really didn't want to sit alone, because I thought I would drive myself crazy with my own thoughts, but it really wasn't all that bad. And even though I got sad when I looked at those pictures(see the previous entry) it really didn't linger too long, which was a relief. I'm less pitiful than I gave myself credit for. Always a good thing.

And now, I will end this entry, by reposting a song I already posted earlier this month. But because I play this song every damn day, I thought I would give it the "Marvin Gaye's I Want You" treatment and break down my favorite part of the song. The song is called That Girl and it features Pharrell, Snoop, Charlie Wilson and it is remixed by Questlove of the Roots. My favorite part occurs at the 3:20 minute mark of the song. Up until that point, Charlie Wilson(of Gap Band fame for those R&B challenged folk) and Pharrell have been playing their roles. Charlie sings background, and Pharrell is on lead vocals. But at the 3:20 mark, they BOTH sing the chorus..Pharrell takes the lower register, and Charlie goes high and it meshes perfectly..oh but that's not at my music maniacs..all while this is going on, the bass player is going off, and switching up what has been a pretty steady bass line throughout the song. So from the 3:20 mark up until the 3:34 mark of the song you can hear all of this interplay going on. And as usual the feeling is enhanced when wearing headphones. Now if you hear that, and you aren't impressed, then you can jump ahead to the 4 minute mark of the song, when the beat slows down completely, and it sounds like a different song. That's obvious part of the song though, I prefer the subtleties.

That Girl


TM said...

That Girl was stuck in my head til I moved on to Prince :) As far as the being a man thing goes, that would be like a man telling a woman she's less of a woman because she isn't the best cook. What kind of crap is that in 2007? Anyways, sounds like mentally and emotionally you are getting stronger. Good for you!

Jo said...

Was that a subltlety? The switch up in the song. I thought that was what made the song so catchy.

And as for your new digs. You calles it "my house." Is that a Freudian slip?! ;o)

Sounds like t'ings are lookin' up!

Tammy said...

Good for people to know.