Thursday, May 03, 2007

I woke up at 4:45 this morning, which was exactly 15 minutes before my alarm was scheduled to go off. From the moment I got home yesterday afternoon, to that 4:45am point this morning, I was focused on getting up to run. I jokingly told a friend of mine that this event would kick off the summer of Rashad. However my brothers and sisters, this event did not go quite as planned initially. I sat in my bed thinking of every excuse NOT to get up and run. At first I thought back to a month ago when I heard gunshots, and I said it wasn't worth getting shot over some damn exercise. And then I said that to properly run and concentrate, I needed an ipod, but running with an ipod at 5am when its pitch black outside is not the move at all. And then at one point I thought about going to sit in front of the tv, to watch the 5am edition of Sportscenter. However I dug deep, put on my gear, and got out and ran. I halfway expected one of the 3 people who regularly read my blog, to call me at 5am as I had subtly requested yesterday. Didn't happen though. Thanks for that!

The run was good, of course I got tired after 5 minutes, but I pushed myself through the 3 and a half mile run, and i'm glad I did. Not to blow my own horn, but I feel pret-tay, pret-tay good. . Of course it is going to all come crashing down around 2pm, and I'll feel sleepy, cranky and sore. But as a trainer friend of mine told me, when you work out everything is better. You think better, you have more energy, more sexual stamina(i wonder if this includes self love), and of course you live longer. We'll see how long it lasts this go round.

I was really depressed yesterday man. But talking to friends pulled me out of it, and I definitely appreciated that.

Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods played golf together yesterday, and of course the media was licking their feet. I sat there looking at them thinking to myself, they represent lots and lots of cash..and they could very well run president and vice president in '08. Tiger is smarter than MJ, so he'd be the president, even though Jordan is a college graduate of North Carolina, he was a geography major..I mean come on...At least Tiger went to Stanford for two years and he was a business major I believe, so that carries more weight. They could hire some folks to give them a crash course on the issues they did NOT know about, and they would absolutely do lovely in a presidential debate. Why? Every debate would feature this Jordan logo in the background, which could possibly intimidate the other candidates. And Tiger could end every one of his answers with..yeah but I'm Tiger Woods, and that would carry some weight. Money would DEFINITELY not be a problem since last year alone, these two pulled in almost $200 million dollars. The whole race issue wouldn't come up either, because Jordan and Tiger have bigger white followings than they black..although that's probably because they play sports. The minute they crossed over, some of white(and black) supporters might say, hold on man, get out there and play with the ball, but stay away from politics. And yes I realize that Tiger isn't 100% black, but again come on... I haven't thought this out all the way, but I am quite sure they could pull this off. Are you telling me that people in this country wouldn't give serious consideration to these two? The same country that put an actor(Reagan) and an autistic person(Bush) in office? I'd put good money on that one...

Do What You Feel - Redman and Method Man


hadassah444 said...

LOL @ the Jordan logo being in the background.

LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

i have no idea where you find the time to blog everyday. maybe if i wasn't reading yours i could write in mined...hmm.

Jo said...

You are right, they could pull it off! LOL!

And I love how you figured out/deduced which one of them was smarter! ;o)

And Bush AUTISTIC! You are something else! AUTISTIC persons at least have one unique and incredibly smart gift, but Bush, he's just plain old RETARDED!