Wednesday, May 02, 2007

This standoff between Bush and the Democrats regarding the War Funding Bill is really starting to frustrate me. On one side you have Bush and his continued stubbornness regarding the war in Iraq. He keeps saying what is and is not fair to the Iraqi people, and he seems to think that pulling out even gradually will be a disaster. Call me cynical, but I read in between the lines and hear, look, i may have effed up by taking us to war, but there's no way in hell I'm admitting that, so I'm sticking with this war, and you democrats, republicans, and whoever else are just going to have to suck on it and like it.. And he continues to take this stance, even though the majority of the American people want us out of Iraq and Afghanistan. On the other side of this battle, you have the Democrats. They feel empowered by the elections last November that have allowed them to enjoy wonderful approval ratings from the American people. This false sense of power has them thinking they can railroad the president through the media and in the Congress. There is no compromise, no rational thought, just a bullying tactic filled with ultimatums, and frankly if I was president I'd veto their ass too just save face. This tactic the democrats are using is not going to help this country, even if the very root of what they are trying to do is very much correct. All of these people are smart to some degree(i won't take a verbal jab at my president), and you'd think that a compromise can be had amidst all this confusion. Hopefully this most recent veto by the president serve as a catalyst.

This is my first day back at work this week, and I just feel like I've been gone for 3 years. Work has piled up, I have 45 emails to sift through, someone has been sitting at my desk, so now I have to re-Rashad my area, I didn't feel like ironing this morning, so I just threw on anything, and now I feel and look like Pootie Tang. I just feel out of sorts. And while I'm complaining, my apt is kind of a mess, and I've come to the conclusion that I need someone to come over once a week to clean it up. My apt isn't all that huge, but I just lack the proper skills to clean it thoroughly. I need someone to come clean, maybe even decorate, and to do it all in this outfit. I would dare sleep with them or anything, because then i'd be paying for sex and cleaning..and we all know from that Seinfeld episode that it doesn't work.

while i'm discussing things that I need and want, let me throw in that I need a workout partner too. I need like 9 people to play pickup basketball with, one person to play tennis with, and most importantly, I need someone to motivate me to get up and run at 5am. I don't want them running with me, because that's distracting, I just need someone to call me at 5 am, tell me to wake my ass up, and the call back at 5:05 to be sure I have done it. That would be great.

What good is this blog, if I can't openly campaign for stuff like this???

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Bashful said...

I could use a work out partner as well, I am in need of motivation. Actually the situation has gotten to a critical state so what I really need is for someone to be a real friend to me and make me run behind their car for a few miles...LOL! Enjoy your day back at work.

Anonymous said...

This situation with the Dems vs Bush is like watching a childish game of chicken. They need to grow up and come up with a reasonable solution. While your boy Bush is trying to save face and the Dems are trying to flex people are dying.

Anyways, I also need to get more sleep at night so I can get up earlier and workout (yeah right!).

Janelle said...

Here's what I need:
I need you to stop making me laugh out loud at comments that you look like Pooty Tang while I'm working. I also need a new wardrobe since I have been getting my ass in the gym for 2 1/2 hour workouts. I need you to find the most annoying alarm clock on the planet to wake you up at 5 am because I damn sure won't do it!! LOL

I need the President to stop playing russian roulette with other children's lives. I need Laura and Barbara Bush (those are the drunk twins' names, right???) to suit up and go to war so the troops could hurry up and come home. I need the democrats to write the Bill in a more sophisticated language so that the president doesn't know what the hell he is signing.

Whew, that was a lot!! LOL

Jo said...

RM . . . there is no way in heck you would VETO a war bill if you knew you were in the WRONG - that egotistical you AIN'T . . .

And I need a trainer and maid my DAYUM self . . . good luck finding yours and can you tell me how you did it once you are successful?