Friday, June 29, 2007

Ok I have a confession. That NBA draft last night was as boring a draft as I ever watched. All the flash and hype around it was really getting annoying, and I felt like I was watching an awards show, not something for a substantive basketball fan. There were superfluous interviews, loud talking, and the word upside was used at least 1000 times. After the Wizards stole Nick Young at #16, I pretty much stopped paying attention, and I figured out why. The draft is fun, because it allows fanatics like me to speculate how good a team is going to be with a newly added player. But much like the NFL draft, you really have to wait a few months to get results and properly size up the draft. Summer league stars in a few weeks, and then there is training camp, but once the preseason begins, I will get a much better grasp on who is good and who isn't. But right now? It really isn't compelling stuff. And this is coming from a sports fan. I talked to another fellow sports fanatic, and he was saying the same thing. The best part of the night? Watching Spike Lee and the New York crowd react to this trade.. Isiah Thomas has to be the most resilient man in the NBA. Last year he was on the verge of being fired, he was given an ultimatum by his head coach, and now he SEEMINGLY will keep his job. Very impressive.

I made some difficult decisions last night right before the draft about me leaving the area, my living situation, and all that, and for now, I have that ever elusive peace of mind. I'm not sure how others around me are going to feel about it, but I sincerely hope they are understanding.

Boston - Lalah Hathaway


Sha said...

i fell asleep on the draft.

Jamal said...

I just heard about the draft on the news. Not my cup of tea at all.

TM said...

I tried to be a trouper and watch the draft but I also fell asleep on it. Why wasn't Wilbon there instead of that dayum Stephen A.?

And who cares if other folks aren't happy about your decisions. Do what's best for you. If they are your real friends they will be understanding and supportive.