Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I don't understand those people who try to mask the fact that they are cursing by doing things like this: sh*t, bytch, a$$, *%*%*$(, shat, arse, eff, and the list goes on. If you want to curse a motherfucker out, or just curse period, then do that shit with some authority goddammit. Don't tiptoe and shuck and jive, because whatever point you were trying to make loses most, if not all of its steam when you do. Either curse like a champ, or familiarize yourself with some damn synonyms via a Thesaurus..or just come see me, I'll help you out. That shit is ji-like (hello dc slang) frustrating.


tia said...

you must not have the it dept of doom at your job. keep typing like that and i'll be blocked from your blog too.

Bashful said...

You talking about me?! LOL! Is it not bad enough you put me on blast on my own blog for that?! Please email me some alternate suggestion?