Thursday, November 08, 2007

I can't tell you how much of a man I felt like this morning, when right before I walked into my building, Beyonce's, "Irreplaceable" came blaring through the headphones of my Ipod. That's one of those songs that when it was out, you simply could not get out of your head, but since I hadn't heard it in a few months, I thought I was in the clear. I guess not.

One of the things that bothers me about the media these days, is their kneejerk reaction to annoint something as the "best ever". A new movie comes out, it is discussed as the best ever. A new singer comes out and sells lots of records, all of a sudden they are rumored to be the best that ever did it. And if an athlete has two or three great years, then they must be the best. But yesterday, I read something, and it really made me angry..angry enough to address here this morning. According to an article, Chris Brown is supposed to be the next Michael Jackson. In that same article they say he also might be the next that I can believe. But to compare anyone who is making music today to Michael Jackson is just blasphemy to me. Allow me to run down the reasons:

1)Michael Jackson can actually sing
2)All of Chris Brown's dance moves are Michael just looks differemt with a heterosexual person like Chris does them
3)Thriller and Off the Wall alone are better than ANYTHING Chris Brown will ever do
4)A Chris Brown video will never premiere on regular network television
5)Michael Jackson has been relevant musically since he was 5, which means EVERYONE knows who he is in all genres of music. Chris Brown isn't known outside or R&B
6)Most artists who are popular before the age of 18, generally fade before they hit 21, let alone 25. Michael was big from age 5, up until his last album came out in September of '01, when he was 43.

I suppose I could go on, but I do believe I've made my point. Michael Jackson wasn't just given the title as of one of best entertainers ever, he earned it. Just because someone new and fresh comes along, that doesn't mean they can wear the title. I know this comes off as me hating Chris Brown, but this is just me sharing my heterosexual love for my favorite androgynous singer.

P.Y.T.(The Demo Version) - Michael Jackson


summer said...

i have to agree.
is it because the well is shallow or is it the very definition of "best" doesnt hold water at all?

It doesnt even end there. People use terms too loosely these days that it is no wonder miscommunication has wrecked havoc in personal to global relations.


Sha said...

Everything is recycled..there are no more original thoughts, deeds or action. And the term best is applied all willy nilly.

lex said...

you speak the truth dear sir

I was thinking...Off The Wall came out when MJ was 21...thriller when he was about 25

So young. Yet those seminal albums and his whole career(except for the crazy stuff) has influenced scores of artists.

And we got links. How did you manage that??

Jamal said...

The singers of today have lost the art of making a good song...Everything on the radio sounds like everything else and everyone else.

lex said...

Also, thanks for the demo of PYT..never head it before and i've listened two it 5 times in a row already.

im sure im mad late but whatevs

maybe i should invest in those collections?

rashad said...

normally i don't comment on my comments, but it just so happens that I LOVE the MJ song in today's blog. i play it often, put it on my ipod and all that. my fave part? its at the 3:44 mark of the song, and you have to turn the volume up to hear it