Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I hate to be one of those people who uses sports to explain the nuances of life, but it is so fitting sometimes, so I shall continue to do just that. In boxing there is usually one fighter who takes the lead by jabbing and being the overall aggressor. But true fighting fans know that the REAL fight begins when the leader gets hit back. Sometimes(as in the case of Mike Tyson) once that front runner gets hit, they never regain control, and they generally self destruct. Other times, the front runner absorbs the hit, and then hits right back, and continues to dominate. And then you have those instances when the two boxers continue to go back and forth, and the viewer can no longer distinguish who is winning or losing. After last night's New Hampshire primary, Obama and Romney have officially been hit square in the mouth.

Romney's loss is more about his own expectations not being met. He made a concerted effort to win New Hampshire after his disappointing loss to Huckabee(I'm only using last names as you can tell..that's more of my sports influence)in Iowa. He was extra vocal in debates, he stepped up his campaign, and he fully expected to win in New Hampshire, and he came up short once again. It sucks to have to give your supporters that, "Sorry we came in second" speech twice within a week. I know its early but that type of thing can break one's spirit. In Obama's case, the blow is a little more shocking, because he had double digit leads in all the polls leading up to last night. So imagine his surprise, when he turned on the television and saw that he was trailing all night. Clinton's lead vacillated all night between 2 and 5 points and she eventually won by 2. And then, to make things worse, as soon as she won, all the analysts compared Clinton's comeback victory to her husbands's "victory" in the 1992 New Hampshire primary when Bill called himself the "comeback kid" after losing by 8 points, despite being projected to lose by much more. So Obama has to hear all that jazz until he can possibly redeem himself in the next primary which is in Nevada I believe. Clearly this race isn't over yet, but had Obama won by his projected amount, he would be floating on Cloud 9(skipping over 1-8). As of now, he has to figure out how to regain momentum.

Speaking of Bill Clinton, this man has truly got it made. He gets paid an insane amount of money to do public speaking; he can also throw in a plug or two for his wife, and start of all sentences by saying, "Well you know when I was President.."; if his wife ever pisses him off or they get in an argument, he can give backhanded compliments to her supporters by saying, "You know honestly if I was running, I'd win pretty convincingly, but since I can't Hilary is a good second choice i guess"; and finally, he has plenty of time to get head and non-sex from beautiful women all over the world without the constraints and the scrutiny of that whole White House place. What else could a 61 year old man want?

Piano in the Dark - Brenda Russell


hadassah said...

you tied it in well.

Jo said...

Actually RM, the GAP was only 2% of the vote . . .so, stand corrected! The final numbers were and still are 39% to 37% of the vote.

I have to admit that even though I am not a Hilary supporter, I was
"happy" for her last night. She looked so DAYUM relieved, it was impossible not to be. In spite of the fact that her and Bill took to brutal "fighting" tactics, she pulled it out. But, clearly she was DESPERATE! And so was BILL, who was one of the worst with his backhanded comments of Obama . . .

And as for Bill, why is it that they keep polling all the voters and asking if they would have voted for Bill if he was running? He isn't running, yet he keeps winning as the TOP candidate for president, a whole 7 years later . . .what is that about?!?!

And as for McCain, you go! To all of the folks who doubted him and don't like him . . .well, he showed you . . .He is certainly THE most viable Republican candidate and if by chance - which I doubt - he were to make it to the white house in '09, he wouldn't be such a bad republican pick . . .but Romney or Huckabee on the other hand, PUHLEEZE!. . .they don't stand a chance! At least we might actually have a race on our hand if HE makes it as the Republican Nominee.

And as for EDWARDS (gosh I like him, and I hope he keeps on in this race!), it seems like he and OBAMA are teaming up . . .do I hear an Obama-Edwards ticket? Because rest assured, this race isn't over, it's just gonna get more interesting! I am soooo excited following all of this . . .excited in a way I have never before felt!

This is certainly a NEW day . . .and whether it's a Black President or a Woman that sits in that presedential seat once this is all over, in the end it won't matter, because CHANGE will be inevitable . . .Go Dems!

kEc said...

polls are a joke. no one should rely on them. this is campaigning at its best. clinton was humbled after the loss in iowa and hit the streets with a mission. obama will need more than great speeches in the end.