Friday, January 25, 2008

Jeans and tennis shoes. These are two parts of my wardrobe that I purchase the least. I never wear tennis shoes to work, so its hard for me to justify a purchase of something, that I would only wear two days out of the week if that. I have two pairs of tennis shoes that I bought last summer, and they will hold me down until next summer and maybe beyond. I have 3 pairs of jeans that I wash and alternate, and you would never know it the way I sport them(I should win an ESPY). I know plenty of dudes who have 10-20 pairs of jeans and the same amount of tennis shoes, and god bless them. I would much rather focus on work clothes, since I wear them the most. And I am quite sure I could give equal time to both, but that simply takes too much effort. So why do I mention this?

My girl bought me these fresh and fancy jeans for my birthday, and today is the first day that I am wearing them. Jeans, much like underwear and dress shoes, take a little while to break in, so I figured I would get right on that today. When I initially put them on, they felt a bit snug, so I made the executive decision not to wear a belt. While I was walking through the apartment, they still felt snug, so my decision to go sans belt seemed like a wise one. I walked out of the apartment, and towards the subway, and my pants still felt golden. But when I left the subway and started walking towards my job, I had a little sag action going on, and I kept having to pull up my pants. So now I look like a full-fledged 21 year old(aka my intern), and I am not a happy camper. You may say, Rashad, why don't you just go buy another belt. And then I would tell you that I forgot to add something else to my two item no purchase list I mentioned above.

I Put A Spell On You - Screaming Jay Hawkins


Sha said...

does your fancy jeans have tassels on them?

lex said...

lol @ fancy and fresh jeans. You must be wearing parasucos!

but yeah...i have my fair share of jeans, but my sneak collection(tennis shoes) is lacking. i have a pair of all purpose chucks that i wear for sneaker occasions -which is rare. And theres the pair of pumas which i "borrowed" from my sister. im like why by sneakers when you can buy shoes??

oh yeah, and i hope you are wearing some draws today what with your jeans saggin and all...

lex said...

um i totally used the wrong spelling of buy. im embarrassed, but i'd like to use the excuse of being sick, and and more than likely, a bit delirious.

Jo said...

LOL - I have had one of those days!

But look at you! Representin' for the younguns! You go RM!

These new jeans are called stretch, so by the end of the day they are certainly STRETCHED . . .you have to wash them to get them to go back to snug mode!

Happy travels in your new flashy young man jeans. . . it hurts to get old! LOL! ;o)

Chubbs said...

I've been wanting to get my sweetie a new pair of nice jeans for his upcoming birthday...but now, after reading this, I'm reconsidering. He wouldn't appreciate the saggy sag.