Friday, January 04, 2008

Ok this is an entry that will probably interest no one except me, but I'm writing in the blog, so it will forever be documented and immortalized. Yesterday, after all those health problems I had, I sent my son a care package via next day mail which included a Lemony Snicket book, Madden '08, the movie Lemony Snicket(which he had never seen) and most importantly a pre-paid cellphone. I wrote him a little note in there, which said he had to be very judicious with his minutes, I wrote his new number down for him, and I explained to him that the instructions were in the package. So about 10 minutes ago, I come back to my desk at work, and I notice I have a missed call on my phone from my son, and I couldn't contain my smile. I called him back, heard a "Hey Daddy" over the phone, and my smile got even bigger. THAT has officially made my day and probably my weekend.


lex said...

i love lemony snicket!

of course i dont think it was written with my age bracket in mind but what can i say? i'm a rebel lol

and :) @ your son calling you and making your day. I'm inspired to call my own father now. have a great weekend!

Janelle said...

awww that made me cry. Damn you!