Monday, January 07, 2008

So I went to the doctor today, and basically the waiting game will continue. When I explained my symptoms to the doctor, he told me that I needed to give blood, so that the lab could do some extensive blood work, and he recommended me to a neurologist on Friday morning. He said that between the blood work, and the extensive tests I will undergo on Friday morning, some types of answers will be revealed, and its not a minute too soon. I continue to have periodical numbness, and its freaking me the hell out and making it difficult for me to sleep. It hit me once again that all of these mysterious ailments are happening just two weeks shy of 33rd birthday. I need to be healthy by then, so I can REALLY enjoy it.

All of these ailments have me a bit depressed and scared, so instead of going to work, I decided to have a little bit of fun. So my lady and I went to see the Anne Leibovitz exhibit entitled: A Photographer's Life. The way I want to reach people with my blog, Anne is able to do beautifully through pictures. She had pictures of famous people, she had pictures of her children(children that she didn't have until she was in her 50s), she chronicled her best friend's fight with cancer, and she photographed her father less than 2 hours after his death. It was moving, but I also found it to be quite inspirational. I want people to walk away from my blog feeling happy, sad, pensive, and everything in between, and watching Anne's exhibit made me realize I have a long way to go.

Public Enemy - Show Em Whatcha Got


Miss Black River said...

Annie L is one talented sista. She had an exhibit years ago at the Corcoran that featured all women. That's when I really started feeling her. The first shot was Lil' Kim in all her blonde glory. The caption said something to the effect that all women want that elusive blue-eyed blonde thing. It's an artificial concept - and weird that it's permeated all of us - regardless of race or even class.

lex said...

omg you guys are so urbane! what a cool thing to do on a day off

i see that there is also an ansel adams exhibit. he is like one of my favorites. he and margaret bourke-white.

ugh @ the periodical numbness. hopefully the tests will shed light on the problem and you can enjoy your 33rd like you want to.

Sha said...

I'm glad all is well...You're blog is one stop on my morning entertainment train. Keep it up champ!