Monday, January 28, 2008

There is a Seinfeld episode, where George and Jerry sit across from one another and ask where their lives are going. They examine their childish behavior and one point they say to one another, "Look at us, we're not men", and they proceed to come up with a list of things they can do to improve their overall quality of life. It is done in a humorous way, but anyone watching could glean something serious from it. I had something similar happen to me today, but in a very different way and on a very different subject.

Amid all these back and nerve issues that I am having, my regular doctor told me this morning that I basically need to change the way I eat, lose about 20-25lbs(I haven't weighed 175lbs since 1996), and eat better or I will be at risk of having a heart attack in my mid 40s. Now my mouth completely dropped as he was talking, but I was listening intently. He basically said that the bad habits I had in my 20s, now have consequences, but I am young enough to turn everything around, but too old to continue them. My cholesterol and blood pressure were a bit too high for his taste, and he is giving me 3 months to turn it around by myself, or he may put me on medication. This didn't scare me at all, it just made me angry. It takes very little effort to eat right and workout regularly, but I allowed lots of factors to distract me. Even now, I cannot workout with the vigor I want to, because my back has yet to be diagnosed, but there are still things that I can do in the meantime. So, just like I was on my soapbox when my apartment burned down and I didn't have renter's insurance, I shall be on my soapbox about this shit too. On Soapbox: So kids, eat right, exercise, and go to your doctor and let him or her analyze your blood..especially if you're in your 30s. And for those of you who are doing it already, go inspire someone who isn't. Off Soapbox

Gettin Grown - Cee Lo


Jo said...

This sucks RM . . .I don't want you to die early, so how about we have a competition. I am hiring a personal trainer to help me get there. What are you gonna do? What's your plan? Would you like to train for the Hawaii Maui Half Marathon? It takes place on September 14, 2008. It's supposed to be the most scenic one ( . .they also have one in Honolulu in December each year ( Your pick! And no, I'm NOT joking.

Miss Black River said...

You're going to be really surprised to enjoy being healthy. Fitness can be addictive. AND working out gets you in the mood for more sex and you'll even have BETTER sex. Umm hmm I'm off to get some now. I mean some exercise :)

lex said...

exercise? check.
proper rest? check.(just started doing this)
eating right? err uh...erm..

yeah my eating habits suck. this entry reminds me that im supposed to go to the farmers market wed and stock up on some fresh veggies.

and its good youre doing something now while youth is still on your side. inspired me to make an appt for my yearly physical