Sunday, January 13, 2008

This entry is sponsored by the word narcissism and the third person.

If you have been reading Rashad's blog for the past year and a half, you know that Rashad takes his January 20th birthday extremely seriously. Rashad feelsasthough(one word) a birthday only comes around once, and its the only day of the year that one can truly be selfish and self-centered without feeling guilty. Many people try to claim both Christmas AND their birthday, but Rashad doesn't participate in such foolishness. Now, since I hold my birthday in such high regard, I expect friends, family and especially girlfriends to join me in this celebration. In years past I have been with people who basically give me what THEY want me to have, as opposed to getting me something that they think I really want and like, and believe me there is a huge difference. So what's with this paragraph? Rashad's girlfriend kicked off the week long birthday extravaganza, by taking him to last night's Celtics/Wizards basketball game This concludes the third person/narcissism portion of the entry.

If you have been following basketball(which i'm quite sure about half of you have not been) you know that the Boston Celtics have been pretty damned dominant this year winning 29 of their first 33 games. You will also know that the Washington Wizards have been toiling in mediocrity this year without their star player, Gilbert Arenas. So on paper, this game had all the makings of a one sided blowout. But ladies and gentlemen, the Wizards were inspired by my birthday, and they came to play. They played inspired defense, and they fed off the sold out crowd at the Verizon Center, and they were victorious. I told my girl right before we walked into the game, that it would be nice if we could see something historical, and in my opinion we did. If you know the history of the Wizards(i'm quite sure you don't) you know that they are notorious chokers in the big games, but not last night. I felt like a proud dad last night, and it was an excellent gift.

Other game observations:

-Women always overdress for NBA basketball games, that is nothing new. But I am noticing guys doing the same now. There's nothing wrong with looking spiffy and clean for the game, especially when a date with the club is on your menu for later. But some of these guys were stretching the limits of metrosexualness.

-If you are going to take your child to the game, you must constantly interact with them and talk. I saw this family sitting in the first row, and they had their son sitting in the row above them, and they barely talked to him. He looked to be about 9 or 10, and he just sat there looking lost and sad, except for one instance when his dad brought him a Coke. I would have interacted with him, but he was a Celtics fan which basically made him the enemy.

- I taught my girl two new basketball terms last, and I will be happy to share them with you: 1)Heat check: When a player hits two shots in a row, they will come down a third time and shoot a shot with a high degree of difficulty to see if they are going to be hot or not. 2)Wet: If someone has a wet jumper, this means they are constantly hitting nothing but net on their shots creating a splash sound. This is also a great way to start a dirty discussion at a basketball game.

By the way, I know I mention my girl a lot in my blog, and I know it can be tad annoying, but fuck you I'm in love. how's that for being tactful?

Taking Chances - Celine Dion
Now, before you scoff at my choice of song today, please hear me out. This is one of those songs my girlfriend would play over and over, and I did my best not to like this shit. And then one morning I woke up, and it was in my head, and then I downloaded it..and then it was on my IPOD, and now I have become a slave to the damn song, so hopefully you will too.

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lex said...

three things:

1.Rashad is in love and doesnt care who knows it! (c)will ferrell as elf know, when a dude can explain sports terms and stuff to me thats like the ultimate hotness. *thumbs up*

3.Celine dion? Love makes you do crazy things, but i cannot clap to this buddy. though she is "la mejor voz del mundo" (c) celine dion. So i give you one thumb up, one thumb down. thumbs up for you sharing in your girl's musical interests. thumbs down because its celine dion. Now, i'll go listen to the song.