Saturday, March 22, 2008

The most uncomfortable part about buying something off craigslist is the initial face to face meeting. By the time you meet this person face to face, you've traded emails or had conversations about where to meet, what time, and the condition the product is in. And then when you finally meet that person, you need a bit of small talk, before the person actually gives you what you are prepared to buy. So today, I attempted to buy a relatively new coffee table from this woman, and we had discussed all of the necessary details. I arrived at her door that was already open, and I wasn't greeted by her small talk at all which was relief. But what I was greeted with was a big ass German shepherd, who bolted through the door, jumped at me, and started biting the hell out of my arm. About 15 seconds later, the dog's owner came and got the dog off me, but man i was thisclose to kicking that dog's ass(yeah right). So it got me to wondering..was this woman's dog just being a good watchdog, or could it be that this dog was be the judge.

Anyway, I got the coffee table, brought it back, and now my living room actually looks presentable. Not that I'll having an abundance of visitors, but still it is nice to be able to say that.

Thank you for listening.

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