Sunday, March 23, 2008

Whenever I take a shower over someone's house, the first thing I do is examine the soap situation, and there are generally three options: 1)girly soap 2)regular liquid soap 3)regular bar soap. Option 2 is the best option, because this allows you to get in and out with little to no though. Girly soap is not ideal, but it generally can be drowned out with cologne and manly soap. Sometimes you may get lucky, and you'll be able to bathe in Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap, which makes one tingle in magical places. But to me, the worse possible option is to roll up on a bar of soap.

When this happens, I never know whether the person who lives there uses a wash cloth or just the raw bar of soap, and unfortunately I have seen both. I never understand how folks get clean using ONLY a bar of soap and no wash cloth. I'm sure you can get the external body parts clean, but without getting TOO graphic, there are certain areas of the body that are crying out for a wash cloth or loofah, not the actual bar of soap. And if someone goes there with just a bar a soap, then frankly that is disgusting. The sad part is, you can't ask someone if they use wash cloths, because that may offend them, so its a judgement call. Luckily for me this morning, I had a liquid soap option, but when I saw the bar of soap sitting there it crossed my mind.

This is the first Easter in YEARS, I haven't been in church..not by coincidence, this the first Sunday in years, that my mother hasn't been in the area. If it weren't for copious amounts of basketball on television, I would feel guilty. But to those of you who did attend church, tell me all about it later. And Happy Easter!


lex said...

Dr. Bronners is the bomb. Especially that peppermint which wakes up all my senses.

The first time i used it though? Oooh wee! i got a little to close to my sensitive areas lol

Aziza said...

People always ask why we women carry big pocketbooks and a lot of luggage for even an overnight trip. This may be one reason. When we go to the other folks' houses we take our own soap and towels. *lol*

Chubbs said...

okay...I have a confession. I use bar soap without a wash cloth. Blame my ancestors...i dunno! I usually use the scrubby loofah with shower gel, but there have been situations where i've only had the bar of soap and no wash cloth (i guess i shower at other people's house a lot), and I had to use the bar "raw."

I get your point, but I'm still getting a good lather and I feel clean afterward. By your standards, I might be a little dirty ;-) But think I'm ok with it...**sniffs armpits. eyes water a bit**

another confession: I fear wash cloths and scrubby-sponges hold bacteria--unless you change them everyday)