Saturday, April 19, 2008

I went to see the movie Smart People last night, and I was quite disappointed with how it turned out. Dennis Quaid is about 90 years old, and the sexual chemistry between he and Sarah Jessica Parker just seemed incredibly forced. Ellen Page of Juno fame, would have been ok, had I not seen Juno already. And even though this movie was filmed before Juno, they still had the same effect. She played a young kid, with an old mind and a smart mouth. To me, the only funny parts of the movie, were the ones involving Thomas Haden Church of Sideways fame. He consistently had good one liners, and he was the only character that seemed halfway genuine. AND the movie was set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and there were NO black people, except for a quick shot of some thugs on the street. I'm not one of those people who feels like black people should be in every movie, but damn this was Pittsburgh man--home of John Edgar Wideman and August Wilson. They could have thrown one of us in there in some capacity. So out of 10, I'd give the movie about a 5. That's my feeble attempt at a movie review.

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Jo said...

That just goes to show that even in Pittsburgh Whites don't have to be exposed to Blacks unless it's the thugs or homeless people in the street! How sad, how sad indeed!