Friday, May 09, 2008

At every job, there is someone called Mr. or Ms. Shut-It-Down. This is the person that does minimal work, and likes to go desk to desk spreading their joy and pain. They will talk to you death, and hang around your desk even when you make it painfully obvious that you have work that needs to be done. After a certain point, it doesn't matter how pressing your work is, you can basically shut it all down, and just listen to what this person has to say because they are going NOWHERE. As I type this blog entry, I can hear Ms. Shut-it-down parading around the halls talking about how its Friday and she doesn't feel like doing any work, and how the MAN is getting on her nervers.I am trying to look as busy as possible as to avoid her wrath, but I don't know if it will work. What is the mind state of people like that? You are miserable and a slacker, so you make it your job to be a cancer on the job, and make people join you? This is reason number 1080 that I need to be a writer and work from home. The office environment just is not for me anymore. When I was younger it was cool, because it gave me the chance to sleep with people without having to expend any effort. Now, it just feels like people are out to purposely annoy and frustrate me. I'm sure I'm exaggerating, but it wouldn't be the first time.

I'm not spending Mother's Day with my mother, and I am feeling hella guilty about it. I think this is the first time in about 10 years, that we have not been together. My brother and I sent flowers and all that jazz to my grandmother's house where she will be, but it still isn't the same. She couldn't make up her mind whether she was going to stay home in North Carolina or go to Akron where her mother is, and by the time she did, the plane tickets were way too high for me. I am pretty sure that sometime between now and Mother's Day, she'll lay the guilt trip of life on me, and say "It sure would have been nice to have my first born here", and I'll feel even worse...I can't wait to lay that kind of guilt trip on my son. I think it's a parental rite of passage.

Are we all witnesses?

A live LL Cool J freestyle from 1985
If LL still rapped like this, I would actually pay attention to him now.


sixfive said...

Can't stand those people. We have a few here at my job too. I do what you did with that guy that came back to visit: grab the phone and call someone. Either that or stare intently at a spreadsheet on the screen. Once you turn toward them and engage in conversation it's over. At least if you stay lookin at the screen while you talk and keep it to short answers they might eventually move on.

Bashful said...

That is the beauty of having an office with a door that closes...

I close my door and no one bothers me. If you want to reach me then hit me up on same time.:)

Janelle said...

Come on Black Larry David, I KNOW you can come up with a way to make her not want to talk to you - this is your specialty, your forte if you will. hahahahahahahaa

Yes be prepared for the guilt. But the next time you go and visit her, give her a mother's day card (even though its not technically mother's day). And all will be forgiven.