Wednesday, May 07, 2008

There is this guy, we'll call him Greg(his real name) who comes up to my job about once every two months. Greg left my job back in March of 2006, and I took his place. He worked here on and off for about 7 years, and everyone here at the job absolutely adores him. Those same people haven't taken a shine to me as much as they had to him, but I certainly accept that, since I'm not always the sunniest of characters. Greg makes it a point to stop by my desk every time he comes here, and I struggle for 10 minutes to come up with small talk. And if I don't come up with small talk, I get hit with questions that would make Barbara Walters proud like, "So yeah what's been up?".."Is so and so still giving you problems?", "Do you still like it here?", and it is absolutely agonizing. Yesterday I got smart, and when I heard him coming down my hallway, I made it a point to call my brother, until Greg left. Greg still came by my office, and still tried to talk to me while I was on the phone with my brother. But I just said hi, and then I pointed at the phone, which was a clear indicator that whoever was on the phone was 100 times more important. I saw Greg's face drop a bit, and then he went on to his next victim down the hall.

For the life of me, I don't understand why anyone needs to visit their old job more than twice. The first time you go back, everyone misses you, maybe you left some items behind, and its good times all around. The second time, especially if you wait at least 6 months, the good times are still there, and its a surprise. Any time after that, I don't care how good of an employee you were at the old job, you start getting looks like oh...hey. The whole act gets stale, and you make it impossible to leave on a high note. So Greg if you happen to stumble on my blog in your internet travels, please don't come back. May I suggest a mass "What's been up" email cc'ing everyone or perhaps an intensive phone call campaign? You can reach all your friends that way and save me the trouble of having to humor you while you overstay you welcome once again.

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I'm well aware there were two primaries last night, but until there is a winner declared on the Democrat side, I am under a gag order.

I Love You - Keith Washington featuring Chante Moore


lex said...

You know what? I don't get the whole returning to your former place of employment thing. Maybe its because i've never liked my coworkers *that* much. But to me, its like once its over...its over. Its not like highschool or college where youre going through growing pains and crazy professors and you and your peers are all kumbaya we're all in this together. Its like just here for the paycheck.

Even at one beloved employer, once i left, i accepted the fact that i would most likely never see these people again. I mean i liked my coworkers and that enviroment A LOT, but still, not enough to go back for visits.

lol @ you fending him off with your "important" phone call. you know he totally saw through that. Now you got him AND your intern plotting against you.

Chubbs said...

I bet you anything thing the "impromptu visits" to the old job are a big boost and a half for Greg. He knows everyone "absolutely adores" him and he lives for that adulation and feeling of being missed. He sounds utterly annoying, and you did the right thing by chatting up your brother.

Eb the Celeb said...

I love that Keith washington joint