Thursday, July 24, 2008

I watched less than a hour of CNN's, "Black in America" program last night, before I gave up on in it in favor of surfing on the Internet. I watched it because various friends and family suggested I do so, but I was a bit skeptical going in. I suspect Obama's surge from senator to presidential candidate to the top was the catalyst for such a show, but I could be wrong. I also suspect that more black than white people watched this show, which to me defeats the purpose. There were some very good moments in the show, like the ones that featured Roland Fryer, and then there were some moments like the woman with five kids, when I found myself wondering, "Ok what am I supposed to get out of this again?" It lacked focus, and the spoken word brother at the start of each segment just did not fit in with what was supposed to be a serious look at Black America. I'll watch it again tonight just to make sure last night wasn't an anomaly, but last night sucked big time. Or maybe my expectations were too high, who knows.

I would like to take this paragraph to slam and antagonize my brother, who rather than go out in the rain and thunderstorms last night to find food, decided to eat up my crabcakes. Let me tell you a bit about these crabcakes. I went out on Sunday morning to the farmers market down the street from my house, and I purchased some FRESH crabcakes that only needed to be cooked then eaten. They had been sitting in my refrigerator since then, because I had yet be hit by the mood to eat them. Last night, after a 2 hour session of playing ball, my brother was supposed to go back out and find dinner. But when the torrential rains came he got scared, and had to decided between ordering out and eating my crabcakes. Not only did this man eat BOTH my crabcakes and only offer me a sliver of a taste, but the smell of those tasty ass crabcakes is STILL in my house this morning. So now I have to wait until Sunday to get a taste..of crabcake that is. So thank you Jamal!!!!!!!!!!

I neglected to recognize that this week marks my second year of blogging. I appreciate each and every one of you. From the people who read and comment, to the nosy people, to the people who link my blog to the their page, and all of that. I threaten to stop and shut it down, but I like doing this, so I won't stop. But again, thank you very much. Its been quite an interesting two years.

My office mate has been humming hymnals like Mahalia Jackson the entire time I have been typing this entry. I need a nice way of shutting her up, because I'm two seconds from playing some Compton's Most Wanted


Anonymous said...

eating up the crabcakes is like knocking someones mom off ya shoulder when u were little...

Miss. Lady said...

I watched the program last night as well... it was not what I had expected either, the brother doing the spoken word between each segment did not fit and he was rather annoying on top of it all.

I figured I would watch, learn and support considering this documentary took six years to create. I really hope tonights segment is better and more focused than last nights.

Oh and that is messed up about the crab cakes mannn. He ought to be a shamed of himself.

sixfive said...

that's fucked up! My wife was at what I assume is the same farmer's market Sunday and said those crabcakes were the best she's had in a long time. Just to make you angrier about it.

rashad said...

this is the farmer's market right by dupont metro?

Eric said...

First and foremost congrats on two years of blogging. I for one am glad that you're doing it.

Count me as someone who was disappointed as well and I was looking forward to it. It felt all over the place but that could have been the size of the topic being crammed into 2 hours.

I've never been a big spoken word fan (though I've heard some that is really good). Apparently the cat last night is pretty popular and known in that circle.

...and of course now I've got a taste for crab cakes. You should get a commission for this weekends sales.

Chubbs said...

i watched that essence/CNN thing...and only redeeming part was the MLK segment. Everything basically tells black people "You're a fucked up race and all you do is have babies and not take care of them and then you and all your diseases and dysfuncion." There was nothing uplifting.

Not surprising though. There were some smart, interesting perspectives...but overall, it wasn't balaanced and I'm not impressed.

Congrats on your two-year run!

Janelle said...

okay so I didn't watch the entire cnn special last night (a certain male said it was making him depressed...hahahaha) but I did DVR it so one of these days I will watch it even though I'm hearing a whole lot of crap about it.

Okay I'm mad at your bro for eating the damn crabcakes mostly because now I want crabcakes.

£ex said...

Congrats on two years! And you bet not quit, or i'll hang you by your bootstraps.

I watched bits and pieces of the program, and i wasn't particularly thrilled. I mean i wasn't expecting a sweeping tale of adversity and the subsequent triumphs. It was what it was. The motivation behind it was good i suppose.

Anyway, like everyone else - i'm in the mood for crabcakes.