Monday, July 14, 2008

You want the key to living longer? It has little to do with eating right, or getting exercise or taking pills that you saw advertised on television. No my friends, I have unearthed the solution to living longer, which means this blog entry qualifies as breaking news.

The solution to living a long, fulfilling life is to get a job on the long running news magazine, 60 Minutes. As I watched yesterday, I realized how old some of these dudes were, so I decided to do a little research. Morley Safer is 77, Andy Rooney is 89(although he looks closer to McCain's age of 134), and Mike Wallace is the elder statesmen of the crew weighing in at age 90. Safer and Wallace still do above average interviews, and I still find myself wanting to see them. Rooney, who I consider the original blogger(via television), still has observations and commentary that is funny, although I will admit he misses more often than he connects these days

There isn't another show on television with 3 members well into senior citizen status, and holding it down the way they do. Of course, the late, great Ed Bradley died of leukemia at the age of 65, so that kind of messes up the numbers a bit. But still, you can't even find nursing homes or churches with a 77, an 89 and a 90 year old, let alone a weekly news program that still carries a sufficient amount of weight.

So continue working your current job, and I'd say around 55 or so, bone up that resume and apply to 60 minutes. Rumor has it, McCain is headed that way in November.

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Miss. Lady said...

I did not realize that Andy Rooney was that old. I do love his commentary though, JUST LOVE IT!