Friday, September 19, 2008

My main man Sabin, who was my roommate in college, will be here later on tonight for a weekend of football, partying and all things testosterone related. I have about 4 male friends(3 if you don't count my brother), so whenever I get the chance to hang with one of them, it is always a memorable and festive event. There are two tricky aspects about his arrival though.

One, because I don't go out with the boys too often, I had to get a permission slip signed and dated by my ladyfriend. I have to promise not to go overboard, which really won't be too difficult. I also have to be sure I fit some quality time with her this weekend, and that certainly will not be a problem either. There are probably some men reading this and assuming that I am whipped or henpecked, and that is fine. I'd like to see you all try to go out and get wild and crazy with a pregnant girlfriend without her approval, and then try to set one shoestring back into the house.

The other tricky aspect about my main man Sabin coming in town, is a little something the kids called clubbing. I have not been to a club in God knows how long. The last two times I did go out, I was with my girlfriend one time, and the other I was just there to watch a little boxing and then I slipped out(that's what she said). When Sabin and I go out tonight, I don't know what to wear, I don't know if I can get away with wearing jeans, do I dress up, do I act like the pretentious women and men aren't annoying me, do I crack jokes about is quite a mental hurdle for me. But I guess this why they serve beer, wine and liquor in the club huh? I am quite possibly overthinking this, but that's what I do.

You know what is a lost art? Reviewing movies on television. I watched my main man Gene Shalit review the movie, "The Duchess" (starring Keira Knightley and Ralph Fiennes) and I was just overwhelmed with his way of words, his passion, and his knowledge of the 18th century movie genre. I already wanted to see that movie because of the intense sex scenes I saw in the trailer, but Gene's review just kicked things up a notch. Anyway, the younger generation of men and women who review movies are nowhere near as eloquent. They insert acerbic wit and way too much cynicism, and they turn into armchair comedians and make it all about them rather than the movie at hand. I don't notice this as much in printed movie reviews...You know what? I am going to cut this paragraph short, because I get the feeling this conversation is one I should have with someone, rather than assuming YOU the reader(s) actually cares about this jibberish I am spewing at 9:20 in the morning.


Ryan said...

That was the best use of "That's what she said" that I've ever read. I nearly fell off my chair I was laughing so hard.

£ex said...

wait...i was enjoying your jibberish!

anyway good show on checking with the lady before a night out with the homies. you get a gold star rashad.