Saturday, October 25, 2008

If you remember this entry from May of 2007, you'll know that losing my records and my record collection was one of the more devastating consequences of the fire. I had worked my way up to about 100 records, and I was looking forward to making it bigger(that's what she said). So until that point, I had not been motivated to buy a record player, let alone more records. Today, all of that changed.

Linens N Things is having a going-out-of-business sale, and lo and behold, one of things that was 30% off was a record player. I spent some time with my Dad, and when I left his house, I went up there, bought a record player, bought some records, came home smiling, let my lady pick which record she wanted to hear, and cued it up. I think I've smiling ever since. I bought:
1)Cleaning Out My Closet remixes - Eminem
2)Philadelphia Freeway - Freeway
3)Adventures in Time - Dave Brubeck
4)Sly and the Family Stone Greatest Hits - Sly and the Family Stone
5)The Genie - Bob James
6)Rough and Ready - Jeff Beck Group

This matters to no one but me, but I am pumped.


sixfive said...

damn man.. that is a loss. But you're back! Good pickups too. I'm building my own vinyl collection, boosted by some good stuff my mother-in-law had.

one soulful negro. said...

i'm jealous. i need to build up my collection & buy a record player. i'm glad to hear you smiling again though man.

£ said...

wow losing those records was a hurt piece. i can only imagine. ugh.

however im glad you got another record player, and are starting to accrue more LPs. looks like a nice set of albums you got there!

sidenote: linens and things sells/sold record players?? i had no idea. lol i guess that is the "things."

rashad said...

it never made sense to me that they sold record players, but far be it from me to make sense of it.