Wednesday, February 11, 2009

As an Aquarian child, I can readily admit that I love the winter. I love the snow, I loved the cold, I love the great sex that comes with snuggling up under the covers to get away from the cold. So I DEEPLY resent these warm temperatures invading my winter/Aquarian sensibilities. I am supposed to be grabbing my gloves, my hat and my scarf in the morning, without hesitation. I should be able to look out of the window, and see pain and angst on people's faces, because they cannot stand that wind and cold weather beating them down. I should be watching the crawl on the news in the morning, to see that schools and the government are shut down for the day due to inclement weather. Instead, I look out of my window and see confusion.

Because the temperature is in the mid 50s this morning, it is really tough to know how to dress. Some people I saw had their winter coats on, but open which is a look I like and respect. You acknowledge the warmth by keeping the jacket open, but you realize it is February, so keep it on. Then I saw some people who had lighter spring coats zipped all the way up. That too is acceptable. Then you had people like me who wore sweaters, with a long sleeved shirt underneath, but no jacket. I tried to act like I was warm, but there were a couple instances on my walk into work, where I was flat out cold, but I kept stepping with purpose to mask my discomfort. And finally, you have these assclowns who think it is May already, and they wear short skirts and short sleeve shirts, because the temps are going to get up to 70 degrees. These people fail to realize that when the temps actually hit 70, they will be at their desk working. And by the time 5pm comes, it'll be chilly.

This is a dumb blog entry, but I'm not erasing. Oh wait, I did see this woman I used to work with on the street today, and I felt kind of awkward because I've rejected her Facebook request about 4 times since last October. She was like hey Rashad do you even remember me, and I said yes, then I called her by name, then there was a 5 second awkward silence. Then I told her I had to run, I put my headphones back on, and went on my merry way. I wonder if she'll send another request..

I also have a question for the women who read my blog. Are you getting your boyfriends/sex partners/husbands a Valentine's Day gift? And if so why? I'd vehemently argue that you shouldn't get him anything, but I'm curious to hear some rationale.

Bleeding Heart - Jimi Hendrix


Miss. Lady said...

I am loving the warm weather and Valentine's Day??? Just ugh! If I am able to go out (lil bit is sick, again), it will be a first date soooooo the only thing he may get at the end of the night is a thank you and a kiss.

Chubbs said...

i've never celebrated valentine's day. and so, gift for my imaginary boyfriend. and if my imaginary boyfriend gets me anything, he should keep the receipt so he can return it. love should be celebrated everyday!!!