Monday, March 01, 2010

Last Friday when I got home from the Wizards game, there was a sign in the building of my lobby. Apparently someone had left the front door open all night, and a homeless person made their way in, and slept in the back of the lobby. Whoever found the homeless person was understandably upset, and wrote a sign that basically told all of us who live there to be more careful in making sure the door was closed.

Now I will readily admit that signs like this annoy me and come off as pompous. I instantly thought of about four or five signs I could write that would successfully mock this sign, but then I thought better of it. Whoever found this homeless person was probably distraught and upset, and the first thing that came to their frazzled mind was to write a sign on a sheet of loose leaf. That's a logical enough progression right? But I was very curious to find out who wrote the sign, just so I could file it in the back of my mind.

Sunday morning as I was headed to the farmer's market, I ran into someone in my building, who did not write the sign, but saw the homeless man sleeping in our lobby. She said she was pretty upset and scared when she initially saw the man, not because he was homeless, but because of who else could possibly get into the lobby. I agreed with her, and then we both shared stories of coming home to the door being propped open, presumably by jackasses in the building. We talked for a bit, and then we separated, and I thought that was the end of that...

But this morning when I left the building, there was a homeless man posted up in the lobby, and I had mixed feelings. Do I let this man sleep in the lobby until 8 or so when the cleaning and maintenance people come into the building, or do I uproot him immediately? I choose to uproot him, although after awhile it was clear getting him up was no easy task, so I just rolled out. I sympathize with the brother for wanting to find a warm place to sleep in these semi-cold March nights, but it doesn't sit well with me that its in my building.

Perhaps while I'm at work I will type (my handwriting is atrocious) a note of my own to both the residents of my building and the homeless man.

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scout said...

that's a tough one. obviously, he just wants a warm place to rest his head in that crazy weather, but damn at doing that rent-free, ya know? I hope everyone in the building keeps their doors locked. If the homeless man doesn't get them one of their neighbors could ;) It's usually the unassuming ones who are ax murderers.
I'd definitely want him out of my building but I don't think I'd freak out about it.