Thursday, April 29, 2010

I would like to spend some time discussing the types of male friends I appreciation if you will.

In the first group, we have Kevin and Cliff, who I've referenced many times in this blog. I've know them since I was 13 years old, and we've been through a little bit of everything during that time. We can not hang out for 2 years, and then hang for 3 hours, and its as if nothing ever changed. In fact, I just hung with them last Thursday, and I will not even attempt to document the level of ignorance that was shared, discussed and rationalized during that evening. I need that to keep me balanced.

In the second group we have Sabin, my friend Ian and others who I am too lazy to name (nothing personal fellas). I met these friends in the second phase of my life (age 17-21), and we have also been through a variety of things over the years. I see them a few times a year if that, but we communicate via phone, email and text, and its as if we do not miss a beat. Sabin will be here this weekend to hang out and watch THE fight and maybe some playoff basketball.

The third group (there are at least five groups, but I'm capping it at three right now)of friends are of the internet variety. These are friends that I have seen very few times if any, but we still share pleasantries via email and no one complains. The friend who best represents this is my main man Neil aka sixfive. You've probably seen him comment in my blog before or maybe you've read his blog or come across his flickr page. I've "known" Neil since 2000 or so, because we were members of the same messageboard. Then we interacted in yet another messageboard(shoutout to LOOSIE). And then we became members of the same fantasy sports leagues; then we found each other's get the point. In some way, we've interacted online for more than 10 years, even though we've never seen each other..actually I have seen him walking his dog and with his wife, but I was too far away to speak.

But yesterday, Neil sent me an email inviting me(and the fiancee) to his fight party this weekend. This will be the first time we've officially met, and I'm looking forward to it in a very heterosexual way. Plus my main man Sabin will be with me, so my worlds will collide but not in a bad way. It just makes me appreciate the various avenues by which men become friends. Male friendship is a very delicate thing. Its like the Supreme Court. Once males become friends, they stay there forever, and to bring a new one in is long, arduous process full of hearings, confirmations and background checks. That explains why men don't have too many friends...well at least I don't.

I would also like to recommend you buy Bobby McFerrin's new offering entitled, "VOCAbuLarieS". I got it yesterday, I'm listening to it now, and its excellent.

And now I will link to the song that got me through my run this morning. I challenge you to listen to it and nod your head just a little.

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sixfive said...

hilarious, its funny how these things go. once we meet up this week (no online homo-dat-o) it will be less weird.