Sunday, May 01, 2011

At one point while I was at the Penn Relays on Saturday, I looked to my left and saw my 13 year old son, and I looked on my right and saw my brother and my father. My brother and father were having a discussion about Usain Bolt (who was not in attendance) and my son had his binoculars up to his face looking at something (I am pretty sure he was looking at a girl's ass, but he denied it both times I asked him). No one saw me looking at them, and no one knew how proud I felt at that moment, but that was fine by me. Its important to have family traditions, and for me, its important that those traditions involve the men closest to me. Plus, I want my son to see me interacting with my father and brother..he needs to see us argue, laugh, discuss adult subjects and all that.

Anyway I know I'm rambling right about now, but Saturday's experience was great. And next year, which is an Olympic year for track, it should be even more fun, and maybe Usain Bolt will make an appearance...

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