Sunday, June 05, 2011

So the wife and I decided to do something different (for us at least), and we went to see Aisha Tyler's standup act at the DC Improv. I highly recommend you go see her if she comes to your town. She has a lot of personality, she talks about grown up things (marriage, drinking, relationships, self-image and handjobs) and there wasn't a lot of over-the-top cursing. Then again, I'm not the greatest expert on live comedy shows because I can count on one hand how many I've attended. Still, funny is funny, and she's in that category.

In other news, my son and I discussed his school-issued summer reading list, and one of the books on there was A Soldier's Play by Charles Fuller. I never read this book (although I will now just to keep up) but I damn sure saw the movie "A Soldier's Story", which was based on that book. That was one of the first movies I ever saw in the theater (back in 1984..I was 9), and every time they showed Adolph Caesar on the screen I got scared. He was a scary-looking dude with a scary voice, and my young ass couldn't take it. I'll show my son this movie, but I won't mention I was scared of it, because he'll have no concept of that considering he's going on 14 years old. I just think its cool that he's reading books that I've read..

Oh and speaking of handjobs...


Janelle said...

Somehow you weave comedy, handjobs, literature and your son into the same entry. Genius BLD moment!! hahahahaha

Also, Adolph Caesar reminds me of a darker version of my great-grandfather, who was a mean, scary grouchy old man so I feel your pain on that. hahaha

maxwellsmusze said...

how does an entry peppered w/handjobs not get any action???