Sunday, September 07, 2008

Although there was a game on Thursday, and there will be two more games tomorrow night, today represents the real start of the NFL season, and this is quite a symbolic one for me. This is the 28th season of NFL football I will be starting, and this will probably be the last uninterrupted season I get to watch due to the upcoming baby.

When my son was born back in 1997, I really didn't get to spend as much as time with him as I do now, so my football time was unaffected. The few times I did have him, he either slept the entire day, or he would cause me to miss a few hours of the game at a time, but again that was only a few days out of the month. Next fall, my new son/daughter will be 7 months old, and I am quite sure he/she will require my full attention on a daily basis. I could be a negligent parent, and just send the child to its mother, but that would leave me single and alone. So today, as I drink beer and alternate hands down my pants, I shall cherish this final season of 100% freedom.

While I wait for the game to come on, I wish I could read the Sunday paper, but apparently that will not be possible. As I have mentioned before, I have had numerous problems with my Sunday paper. Sometimes it isn't delivered, other times the inserts are missing, and then I have times like today when the front page, the sports page, and metro and style section are not included. There's no doubt in my mind that when i call to cancel my subscription in a few hours, they will throw the kitchen sink at me in an attempt to retain my business, but I am done with the Washington Post now. I'll just read it online.

Free - Marcus Miller featuring Corrine Bailey Rae
I usually don't care for remakes, but these two did a decent job with this Deniece Williams classic. Yes it does sound like smooth jazz, but as long as there's a vocalist involved its ok.


JazzBrew said...

The front page, sports, metro and style section were missing? Those are the best parts of the paper. Hopefully no one is swiping them from you.

Enjoy the games today. I'm sitting here in my Tomlinson jersey anxiously awaiting the first kickoff. Just think, when you have your *SON* he'll eventually be sitting right next to you watching as well.

Miss. Lady said...

Rashad you are better off buying the early edition of the Sunday paper while you are out and about on Saturday for all that.

I love this remake. They did a really good job on it.

Janelle said...

I'm pretty sure you will coordinate feedings and diaper changes to commercial breaks. That's the Larry David way! LOL

£ex said...

E-A-G-L-E-S! Football season is here and i luvs it. yesterday was awesome, eagles kicked bootay and serena won!

ugh @ your washington post issues. wtf is that all about? why can't they get it together?

(also i see jazzbrew in here spreading that propaganda about you having a son. pure crazy talk is all that is. we all know you're having a GIRL.)