Thursday, April 15, 2010

After a 15 year drought, I will finally be returning to the Penn Relays next weekend. As you know, I discussed this a couple months ago as something that is frequently discussed in my family, but rarely actually attended. But I got off my ass on Tuesday and bought four tickets, and finally made it official. A decision was made that my 3 year old nephew is too young to watch track and field outdoors for several hours, so sadly he gets left behind. In attendance will be me, my son, my brother and my father..four the hard way. We will drive from DC to Philly, we will undoubtedly be forced to listen to ALL my father's Temptations cds, and it will be a grand time. I plan on videotaping the entire trip as well for the archives that don't exist, but will after this.

I've had above average luck in getting my dreams interpreted on this blog, so I will put last night's dream out there for review. I had a dream that Idris Elba was my boss, and he was trying to get rid of me for no good reason. My work was stellar, no one around me had any complaints, but for some reason he made it a point to tell me he did not like me, and I had to go. I went to my car, and he left notes telling me I was a goner, he followed me home, and the next morning, he left yet another note on my car.

The next morning, I decided to go HIS boss with my complaints, and when I went into the office, I saw Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher. Apparently they had magically become the head bosses at my company and they said not to worry about Idris, because he had been fired, and I would be taken care of in due time. Then my dream fast forwarded, and I was sitting court side with a laptop, and I was the main beat writer for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Does this a promotion is my future? Does this mean Idris Elba is trying to get in my ass (pause)? Or does this mean I need to finally start watching The Wire (season one has been sitting in my living room for 2 months now)? I just don't know.

By the way, the Wizards season is over, and I would like to send a special shout out to Mike from Bullets Forever and Kyle from Truth About It. The season was long, tumultuous and pretty damn drab at times, but hanging with these dudes in press row made it much much better. They let me in on their podcasts and Kyle was nice enough to let me write on his site a few times, and its very much appreciated. I would have said this more eloquently in person at the Wizards game last night, but I had to abruptly leave in the third quarter, when my fiancee informed me that my bathroom was leaking and leaking badly...

Billy Joel - This Is The Time


£ said...

I hope the weather is good for the relays. Last year was a beaut and repeat would be much appreciated.

and im no expert on dream interpretation, but it looks like you may have a man crush on idris.

yes... you love him © kramer lol

oh and phil and derek are both lakers, and the lakers wear purple and purple is the color of royalty... which means you will eventually become king of zamunda! (i hear they have a good bball team)

Janelle said...

Thank goodness the bball season is over. No more interrupting my dranking time with my buddy and his fiance. :)

As for your dream, I can't call it. But damn I wish I was dreaming about Idris last night. hahahahaha